The Flying A Ranch, located in the Edwards Plateau near Bandera, Texas employs 6 to 8 college students working on wildlife related degrees each year. The intern program was started in 2001 and since that time students from over sixteen different Universities have participated in our program. These students are instrumental in helping with various projects throughout the ranch, and also serve as a part of our fall guiding staff from mid August to the first week in January.

This internship program is very important to the ranch owner, Charles Williams. He sees it as a great opportunity for students in the wildlife field to gain knowledge and experience in the day-to-day operations of a ranch and hunting program. The ranch takes pride in providing a place for students to gain this experience while the students are attaining their degrees.

The ranch has also been a site for graduate student research projects which include a migratory bird study, a Rio Grande turkey survival project, and an axis deer/whitetail deer interaction study. The ranch consists of approximately 9,000 acres with 4,000 being dedicated to exotic ungulate management and hunting and the remaining 5,000 dedicated to native flora and fauna management and hunting.

Provided by ranch:

  • House provided with electricity paid
  • Ranch vehicles issued and fuel provided
  • Workers compensation insurance
  • Wages
    Summer: $1300/Month
    Fall: $1400/Month (plus guide tips)

Summer work projects

  • Juniper control with hydraulic shears (skid steer loader)
  • Brush control on fence-lines (chemical application)
  • Windmill work
  • Cattle work (short duration grazing)
  • Helicopter capture of exotics (depending on need)
  • Tractor work
  • General ranch maintenance
  • Prescribed burn (depending on weather)
  • Road repair


  • Spotlight line counts on approximately 12 nights
  • Incidental observation data accumulation
  • Helicopter capture for exotics
  • Scouting and videotaping whitetails and exotics
  • Harvest of does and management bucks on 5600 acres of whitetail property MLDP
  • Guiding Hunters (exotics and whitetail)
  • Skinning, quartering and preparing animal for taxidermy
  • Cattle work
  • Tractor work
  • General ranch maintenance

Contact Wildlife Biologist Keith Lake for questions.

Keith Lake
(830)-688-1274 (Cell)

Past Interns  – (S)  Summer   (F) Fall

Texas A&M University
Ryan Reitz S & F 2002
Jonathan Lehmann S 2004
Will McCain S 2005
Trey Reagan S & F 2006
Ryan Kettler S 2006
Clint Faas S & F 2006, ’07
Nick Herzog S 2007
Derek Harris S & F 2008
Wesley Fikes S 2009
James Kilpatrick S&F 2012
Laramie Welch S 2013
Ty Egbert S 2014Texas A&M University-Kingsville
Cody Groff S 2011
Josh Pearson F 2011
Cole Emmons S 2014University of Wisconsin
Brian Dart F 2010, F ’11
Tarleton State University
John Mathney S 2003
Travis Halfmann S 2003
Jared Self S 2004
Jaden Winfrey S & F 2004
Stephanie McKenzie S 2004, ’05
Josh Harris F 2005
Kolton Wood S & F 2010
Brandon Worsham S 2012Oklahoma State University
Garrett Steinbrook S 2009
Aaron Warburton S & F 2010Southwest Texas Jr. College
John Smith IV S & F 2009, S ’10, S ’11

Kutztown Univ. of Pennsylvania
Ty Frank S 2012

Texas State University
(Southwest Texas State)

Jason Gaswint F 2001
Chad Grantham S & F 2001
Jack Caraway S 2001
Brent Trussell F 2002
Jason Natho F 2003
Clay Waneck F 2003
Chancey Lewis F 2003, ’04
Jared Kaspar F 2004
Josh Bryan F 2006
Chris Wiley F 2009
Grady Terry S 2013Delaware Valley College
Warren Petrillo F 2012
Wharton Jr. College
Clint Faas S 2002, ’03Texas Tech University
Chris Crews F 2005
Brendan Shoars S & F 2005
Todd Warlow F 2006, S & F ’07
Matt Orr F 2007, S & F ’08
Adam Batot F 2008
Steven Pickens S 2008, F ’09, S & F ’11Auburn University
Chase Jolander F 2012
Chase Seals F 2014

Morehead State University
Gary Blevins S 2013

West Virginia University
Mike Fischbach F 2013Purdue University
Jordan Hershberger F 2013
Colorado State University
Tommy Wetzel F 2013


1919 State Highway 173 South
Bandera, Texas 78003
Phone: 830-796-4750
Toll free: 866-796-4750