Ecosystem Management Practices

The Flying A Ranch applies many wildlife management practices on its rangeland. Due to the large amount of ashe juniper (cedar) encroachment in the hill country, the ranch is very aggressive in controlling juniper via a hydraulic shearing. The removal of this species on lowlands and savannas helps many species of wildlife. In addition to mechanical control, the ranch applies prescribed fire to several pastures each year. This process sets back succession, promotes forb and grass growth and releases phosphorus into the soil, acting as a natural fertilizer. Cattle are used in a very intense rotational grazing system as a tool for higher quality whitetail deer, and general range vigor. The ranch utilizes an aggressive cowbird-trapping program in order to help enhance many species of songbirds. Each pasture on the ranch has some type of supplemental feeding program in place. The combination of these practices helps ensure our animals are in the best physical condition. This promotes better fawn recruitment and allows the animals to grow large antlers and horns.

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