Hybrid Ibex

animals_redeerOur Hybrid Ibex are a cross between Persian Ibex and Catalina goats. They are roughly 75% Persian and 25% Catalina. Horn configuration is somewhat variable as is coat color. Most coats are a combination of tan and black however some are darker and some lighter. The most common coat type is mostly tan with a darker head with a black collar or stripe between the base if the neck and shoulder. Mature billies vary in size from 150 to 250lbs. Horn configurations vary from nearly straight back without much outward flaring and little curve, to a quicker curve with slightly more flare. Generally the goats with less flare are more desirable, but they grow slower and are generally priced higher. Trophy length Ibex are 30+ inches with 35 or more being a great trophy. Management Ibex are those whose horns flare outward more quickly, much like a Catalina, and are usually harvested between 22 to 26 inches.

Ibex are only hunted from late August to December, with October and November being the absolute best months.

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