Texas Dall

animals_redeerThese animals can be traced back to Corsica and Sardinia in the Mediterranean Sea. The original sheep, commonly called a Corsican, is mostly brown or a light tan with black accents on the belly and sometimes on the face, ears and tail. Texas Dalls are derived from the Corsican sheep but because of selective breeding they are 100% white. They share their name with the state of Texas because of being started here. Mature rams peak out at 100 to 120lbs. and are considered trophy size when they have a full curl and reach 28 to 32 inches. With any sheep over 33 inches being a rare find.

These sheep can be hunted any month of the year but their capes are best in summer (short hair), or between October and January (full coat). From February to May, the animals are often molting with undesirable hides for mounting.
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