Our ranch practices are proving successful in raising larger, better-conditioned animals. We are committed to providing you with a quality hunt. Nearly all of our hunts are conducted from box blinds, however other methods will be used on occasion. In most situations, each individual hunter is paired up with one of our guides. The ideal hunting party size is 4 to 5 hunters. However, if a larger hunting party is desired, we will attempt to make arrangements to accommodate you. Hunts begin and end on half days, with most exotic hunts requiring 2 days, and whitetail hunts usually requiring 3 to 4 days. For example, an axis buck hunter would be arriving mid afternoon and hunt that evening, the next day and the following morning. Although we do not guarantee a harvest, most hunters get multiple opportunities during their stay. It is our policy that if any animal is wounded and un-recovered, the full trophy or management fee will be charged.

A nonrefundable deposit of $500, per hunter, will be required when booking hunts (either by credit card or check). Each hunt is unique unto itself and it is our goal to make your hunt a successful one. In the past, we have had hunters cancel their visit just prior to their reserved date and it is too late for us to rebook other hunters. Our Biologists and guides devote a great deal of time into scheduling and scouting for each hunt. The ranch has a select number of animals to harvest each year and a limited number of weeks available to hunt certain species. Cancelled hunts make it very difficult to meet the harvest objectives established by our Biologists. The nonrefundable deposit will be applied to each hunter’s final bill. If your hunt is unsuccessful, the deposit will be refunded in full. This charge is separate from the deposit required when booking your lodging.

Your guide will field dress, quarter, and cape your deer for mounting. You should bring coolers or other means for packing your meat and mount. The ranch uses two reputable, high quality taxidermists (see links below). If you don’t want to take your animal home, you can leave the animal with us and we will freeze the head and get it to one of these taxidermists for no charge. Once the animal is mounted, you can pick it up, or have it delivered. These arrangements are made with your taxidermist.


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